Tuesday, 6 May 2014

 We were driving home the other night and I was gazing out of the car window at the magnificent array of stars shining bright in the universe. Out of the stars came a voice who then started to speak with me .................

"It is true that beings such as yourselves in the human organic structure are not able to survive in the conditions that exist in other worlds and on other planets such as Jupiter with its gaseous emissions. However, beings of a different and suitable organic structure are able to survive, and thrive, in these conditions. I have the honour to be such a being.


I bring you greetings. For some time now I have been one of a delegation observing the Earth planet and indeed, a number of other planets, to study and record the way of life as it is lived.


Your planet appears to have an interesting balance, or imbalance, of social structure. On one hand, many starving and homeless and on the other, those who have plenty but whose main interest seems to be the accumulations of even more. Much fighting, yet no apparent desire for peace. The peace-lovers who have no desire to fight. Interesting. Much in the richness of the Earth, yet it is tunnelled out on one side and poisoned on the other. Interesting.


We are particularly interested in the thought vibrations which grow stronger as they focus more on the energy of love. Love is a driving force and an energy that can be harnessed to achieve so much.


We would have you know that you can call on us for assistance in harnessing this energy at any time.


I am Tg.


Thank you. Emoji "


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