Monday, 5 May 2014

A couple of days later, the Old Woman came home and found all sorts of rubbish on her front lawn. Old chip packets, a yoghurt container, some lolly wrappers …… “Hmmmph! I wonder where they came from? Probably kids throwing them in the yard when they go past on their way home from school.” 


 So she picked them all up and put them in the bin and didn’t see the five crows sitting high up in the tree who nearly fell off the branch laughing so hard to see her muttering and picking up the bits and pieces.

BUT, the next day, they hadn’t bargained on her looking out of the window just as the biggest of the crows came in for a landing on the lawn carrying a chip packet, whereupon he proceeded to check it out to see if it had any scraps of chips left!!  
The Old Woman had a good laugh. “You naughty bundles of feathers!” she said.


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