Thursday, 1 May 2014

1st May 2014

Zankar speaks ....

Greetings to all.
Once again, we emphasise the importance of clearing clutter from your minds. Rid your mind of impure thoughts. By this, we mean the thoughts of anger and revenge; hatred for whatever reason, resentment and injured pride. These thoughts are not worthy of your energy and merely clutter your being, for they are absorbed within your aura and energy field. Let go of them, release them in the sure knowledge that they will be resolved; release them with love and a blessing for the ones concerned.
The past is the past until you bring it into your present by holding onto it. Giving the words or deeds further energy is fruitless as the original act cannot be erased. Taking it into future harms only yourself.
Therefore, my friends, practise forgiveness and love - first of all for yourselves;
We come to you in love.


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