Monday, 28 April 2014

The Healing Centre within Ourselves




Talking to a friend recently, he said “You, know, its amazing how many of my spiritual friends want to open a healing centre”.


I realized in a flash that perhaps the healing centre they want to open is not so much a physical healing centre but perhaps the one within us.


We’re all looking for that perfect place of peace within ourselves. That place within ourselves where we let go completely and accept healing. A space where we have no need to be in control. Where we can accept universal healing without reservation.


I don’t know that we’re even consciously aware that that’s what we’re we looking for.


When we work with Spirit to channel healing energies for ourselves or someone else, we create an environment in which healing can take place.

If we ourselves or the other person, is not ready at some level to let go of the dis-ease then the healing will not take place. We have to remember, of course, that the healing may well be taking place on other levels, so its wise not to have a preconceived idea of what level the healing is taking place at.


As healers, we can sometimes focus on working with others because we’re avoiding our own issues. It’s a bit scary. We need to maintain the balance. Giving of ourselves to others as well as giving of ourselves to ourselves.


I’ve found it useful in any situation to ask spirit where the learning, and healing, is for me. It’s also very confronting to do that sometimes because issues that perhaps we weren’t aware of within ourselves have a habit of popping up.


Expectations is one of those things. We are programmed by society, upbringing, etc from birth to expect certain things. We have an expectation from an early age that everyone will love us – which is why so many have problems with rejection. A harsh word to a toddler or perhaps a smack and their little faces crumple and the tears flow. Is it the physical aspect or the emotional one? Is it perceived as a withholding of love? Is it the beginning of our disillusionment that expectations and needs haven’t been met?


It doesn’t change much over the years until we are aware of it and deal with it within ourselves. As adults, particularly following a  spiritual path, we start to address our issues and the more we do so, the more we uncover. It’s an accumulation of small issues that, like rolling stones, have gathered moss along the way.


Having said that, becoming aware of what some of our issues are and making a commitment to ourselves to do all we can to heal the cause of them, is a huge step in the healing direction.


The expectations surrounding relationships is a big one. We tend to have expectations of what a relationship should be between mothers/fathers/brothers/sons/daughters/sisters and partners. We have expectations of them that often they are not aware of and when it doesn’t turn out that way we are upset, angry, affronted and usually all of these.

We have expectations of ourselves and when we can’t meet them, then we feel failures. A relationship doesn’t work out in a way that is happy and fulfilling and we can carry the baggage for years. It all stores up within ourselves …….maybe waiting for us to find that healing centre within ourselves so that we can let go of it all, heal and get on with our lives.


The first step towards finding that healing centre is realizing that its what we’re looking for, and then doing whatever we need to, to find it.


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