Friday, 25 April 2014

Some Channellings

Received from Zankar on Sunday, 20th April, 2014

"The convergence of light beings is reaching full strength. Outer planetary beings are showing themselves in a humanly-recognisable form (e.g. Angelic Beings).

They bring huge changes and healing. Even bigger happenings on a global level and huge colour energies. There will be lightworkers leaving the earth plane to join in the convergence of energies. Not the self-proclaiming 'bringers of light', but the genuine ones - the unsung healers and those who serve humanity. Many such souls to go before year end to pick up the threads of light where they left off.

Leave no things undone that you know you want to achieve before you leave this dimension."


Received from Zankar on Thursday, 24th April, 2014.

"The convergence is upon us. so many Angelic Beings have heard and felt the call of those on Earth. Heed the call, be not afraid to take your place among the ranks of the light.
Swirling clouds of light surround the planet Earth at this time; cleasing, healing and exposing areas of chaos and grief.
Keep your heart chakras open and full of light, extending it to all that you come into contact with.
Put aside fear and all judgment. If you put aside those, all other negative emotions will fall away. Let the light blaze forth, not allowing any negative thoughts, emotions and deeds to drill its splendour.  Continue to serve and spread the light. Take joy in the beauty that surrounds you. Still your mind and allow yourself to feel. To feel the love, to feel the Angelic presence, be a part of that presence, meld with it, be it.
Let your life be peace and love.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Sow light and more will replace it. Pass this message on that all may have it in their conscious awareness. Keep it uppermost in the minds of all and drive forward the light into the hearts and souls of all. We bring love and peace.


The light blazes forth. The Angelic Realm presence is so strong, those who would receive it cannot help but feel it, absorb it. It flows gently into the aura's of many who deny its presence, touching their hearts and souls, stilling them, healing their hurts and restoring their souls to fully experience love once more.
Be not afraid, step boldly forward and proclaim your light; by your deeds shall you be known - the brightness of your light.


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